Word of mouth is what has made us who we are. Therefore, we would like to thank all of you for your kind words. Following are some recent testimonials. For references please feel free to contact us. We will be happy to provide contact information and phone numbers of past and present clients.

A wonderful workshop. It gave me better insight into how I want our upper elementary classroom to be. I was very impressed with the overview. I enjoyed every bit of this workshop. There were so many great tips and I took so many notes (that I keep referring to).

– Diana B.. July 13-15, 2015

I was surprised at how well this workshop met my expectations. The teacher's knowledge, both when following the outline and when adding extra pieces from her experience, were very helpful and answered many questions about which I had been wondering. The handouts, especially the flow charts, are very valuable.

– Lynn A. July 13

A beautiful environment. It was comfortable, and I love the idea that we were a small group. It gave me so much time to be able to ask questions and resolve some of my concerns. The workshop I attended was very helpful. Just to hear Dr. Maria Montessori's philosophy again and to remind myself my mission on teaching, guiding the most precious thin in life (human beings). 

– Maria R.. August 6, 2015

Beautiful environment! A well conducted workshop that met my expectations. Fabulous teachers and very patient with our questions. 

– Preeti P. July 13

Every workshop we have attended has been to the point and very informative. Your consultants have a clear understanding of what our needs are. Being a public Montessori School we are often faced with a number of challenges. Yet, with your help and your insight we have been able to deal with each one of them head on and are now flourishing. It is our honor to have you and continue to have you and your staff as our go-to resource.