Gulf Coast Montessori Teacher Training Center will continue to use iPads to supply all training manuals

With its roots in the ETC family of companies, and a strong foundation of resource conservation, Gulf Coast Montessori Teacher Education Center is paving the way to effectively incorporate technology into the practice of teacher education. The 2016 cohort was the first to be able to effectively make use of the new technology. Gulf Coast Montessori proved that this idea works. Adult learners were able to realize the benefits of the new technology by having all the pertinent information readily available and only a click or a tap away. Manuals are always up to date and any documents that pertain to the course are made available to the students immediately, without having to worry about loose papers, copies, or three ring binders. Online discussions are now easy to implement, as the center has entered into a contract with Zoom Video Communications Inc. and provides each adult learner a license seat. Combine this with the Apple technology and one can quickly see how supporting the adult learners, along with always keeping them up-to-date has taken on the form of a truly innovative program.   

Having successfully proven that the idea of using iPads works effectively and efficiently, Gulf Coast Montessori will continue the practice of providing adult learner manuals, study guides, and other materials directly on the iPads which are supplied to the the students. The iPads are part of the tuition so no additional expenses are incurred by the sponsoring organization or the adult learner.