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Assistance Workshop

Friday - Saturday, January 14-15, 2022,

Friday 1:00 PM – 4:00 PM (CST)

Saturday 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM (CST) 

In-Person with Erika Ohlhaver


The Early Childhood Group is currently full.


Positions are still available for the Elementary Group.


Your assistant is the second set of eyes in the classroom, they are your support, your ally, and your helper. Help them to help you by giving them the tools. This workshop not only gives your assistant the basics of what Montessori is, but also how to work toward that goal. Catering to multiple classroom levels, our faculty will lead the participants in their own learning what how best to assist the Montessori guide.

Following are the topics we will be touching on. 

Day One


  1. Who was Dr. Montessori?

    1. Casa di Bambini

    2. Growth across Europe and the United States

  2. Why is her method still influential?

    1. Brain compatible

    2. What does it mean to be a Constructivist?

  3. What are the different planes of development?        

    1. Ages 0-3, 3-6

    2. Ages 6-9, 9-12           


Day Two


  1. Basic Task

    1. Classroom runs smoothly

      1. Happy

      2. Safe

      3. Successful

    2. Assisting the Lead Teacher

  2. Noise Level

    1. Model quiet working

      1. Make eye contact

      2. Be at child’s level

      3. Speak quietly

    2. Use Non-verbal communication

      1. Facial expressions

      2. Sign language

      3. Hand signals

  3. Maintain the Environment

    1. Environment is prepared before/after school

    2. Float around

      1. Teacher involved in a lesson

    3. Provide structure so students are productive

    4. Observe and make notes

      1. Write it down

      2. Ask later

  4. Conflict Resolution

    1. Develop TRUST First

      1. You are not the policeman

      2. You are there to help children solve their problems

      3. Don’t own the problem

        1. Stay out of power struggles and debates

  5. Areas of the Classroom

    1. What is their purpose?

    2. What is your responsibility?

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