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Early Childhood Math Refresher

Saturday, February 19, 2022,

8:00 AM – 4:00 PM (CST)

In-Person with Marielos Romero



Join our faculty led by Ms. Romero, as they explore the development of the mathematical mind. See how the foundation of pre-math activities, moving to beginning numeration and exploring operations and facts can be enhanced, and revitalized. See the connections between the traditional materials and new presentations for measurement and graphing in this engaging workshop

Following are the topics we will be touching on. 

  1. The Fundamental theory

    1. Dr. Montessori’s Philosophy

    2. Sensory Periods and the absorbent mind

    3. How does the mathematical mind develop? Research

    4. Concrete to abstract in Math

  2. Practicing the Montessori Math Curriculum Practice (AL triads)

    1. Pre-Math Activities (Logico-Mathematical thinking)

    2. Linear counting – Numeration

    3. Decimal System – Golden bead materials

    4. Operations – Golden Beads

    5. Memorization – Facts

    6. Fraction insets

    7. Money, Probability, statistics, measurement

  3. Montessori math materials as a diagnosis and evaluation tool

    1. Small group activity

  4. Planning math lessons

    1. Who? When? Where?

    2. Is math individualized?

    3. Math curriculum at a glance

  5. What NEXT?

    1. Recording and observing

    2. Practice, practice, practice

    3. Implementing an Individual plan

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