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Mindfulness Practices for the Teacher

Saturday, April 9, 2022,

9:00 AM – 4:00 PM (CST)

In-Person with Amanda Childers



Join our faculty led by Ms. Romero, as they explore the development of the mathematical mind. See how the foundation of pre-math activities, moving to beginning numeration and exploring operations and facts can be enhanced, and revitalized. See the connections between the traditional materials and new presentations for measurement and graphing in this engaging workshop

Following are the topics we will be touching on. 

Master teachers are mindful teachers, aware of themselves and attuned to their students.

Mindful teaching nurtures a learning community in which students flourish

academically, emotionally and socially

and teachers thrive professionally and personally.


Deborah Schoeberlain

Mindful Teaching and Teaching Mindfulness



I. Set a mindful foundation for this day

a. Gentle Stretching

b. Whole Body Breathing


II. Mindfulness

a.  What is it and why do we need it?

b.  Meta-Skill

1.  Awareness

2.  Responsiveness

3.  Effort


III. Why does it seem to be everywhere and why is everyone talking about it?


IV.  What’s in it for me as a teacher?


V.  What’s in it for my students?


VI.  Exploration of the many forms of mindfulness

a.  Visual

b.  Listening

c.  Speech

d.  Breath

e.  Body/Touch

f.  Taste


VII.  Sample the science behind the concept


VIII.  Mindfulness or Meditation

a.  Is there a difference?


IX.  Now what?

a.  Classroom tips and tools

b.  Exploring a personal practice



We will learn with both mind and body in this workshop as mindfulness must be experienced in order to be understood.  This day will provide the opportunity for participation in various mindful experiences including a mindful eating activity, a walking meditation, group crafting projects, and guided meditations - all of which are immediately useful in the classroom.

This day is appropriate for mindful beginners to veteran meditators as all can benefit from developing deeper concentration skills and greater insight into both ourselves and our students.

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