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Workshops & Webinars

Browse and discover workshops and webinars that are designed to address current and real needs each of us face on a daily basis.

Professional development hours and credits are available. 

For Administrators

Specifically designed to meet the needs of Montessori leaders in all types of environments. This series of workshops addresses the issues that administrators are faced with throughout the year. Presented by seasoned and well-known administrators in the Montessori community with proven real-world experience and practical advice.


For Early Childhood Staff

This series of workshops appeals to all staff members who work with early childhood. From the use of observations to inform your practice, to helping your assistants become constructive members of the class this series of workshops will enrich your environment. Join our veteran faculty as they share their expertise.

For Elementary I Staff


Our training center faculty has compiled an informative series of workshops that have a balance between the curriculum implementation and the interaction of adults in the classroom. Explore how to address as well as how to prepare the adults to be a part of the prepared environment. Our faculty will bring their expertise and share real life experiences as your community continues to grow with your students.


For Elementary II Staff


Need a refresher on some of the more advanced curriculum for Upper Elementary?


Worried that your lessons are not reaching every child?


Join us as our faculty provides vibrant refresher courses that will enliven your own understanding and provide assurance in their implementation. Regardless of whether the specific subject is a strength of yours, join us as we explore together the Upper Elementary curriculum.

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